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The Fairy Who Wouldn’t Fly

Author: Bronwyn Davies

The Fairy Who Wouldn’t Fly, originally written and illustrated by Pixie O’Harris in 1945, has been adapted by Bronwyn Davies for today’s children. Bronwyn’s version is a celebration of difference, of courage, and of finding new ways to think about solving problems.

It was published by the National Library of Australia in 2014

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National Library of Australia

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This is Bronwyn’s first fairy story. In The Fairy Who Wouldn’t Fly, as far as the Fairy Queen is concerned, the Fairy-who-wouldn’t-fly is lazy and so she banishes her to the Woodn’t, the place where she sent all the other creatures who wouldn’t do as they should. The story tells how the Fairy and her new friends in the Woodn’t worked together to return to Fairyland, and how they convinced the Fairy Queen that they had good ideas of their own about how to live their lives—and to change the world.


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