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B                                BOOKS Sole authored

            Davies, B. 2023. Aelfraeda and the Red City. Ornithorhynchus Paradoxus Press.

D         Davies, B. 2021. Entanglement in the World’s Becoming and The Doing of New Materialist Inquiry. London: Routledge. Recipient of an Honourable Mention at the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry Qualitative Book Award 2022

Da        Davies, B. 2021 [2019]. New Lives in an Old Land. Re-turning to the Colonisation of New South Wales through Stories of my Parents and their Ancestors. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill. Originally published Sydney: Ornithorhynchus Paradoxus Books.   

Da        Davies, B. 2014. Listening to Children. Being and Becoming (pp. 1-88). London: Routledge

             Davies, B. 2014. The Fairy Who Wouldn’t Fly (1-56). Canberra: National Library of Australia.

             Davies, B. 2000. A Body of Writing 1989-1999 (pp. 1-191). Walnut Creek: Alta Mira Press. Chapter 5, Women's Subjectivity and Feminist Stories is translated as Kvinders subjektivitet og feministiske fortællinger. In Søndergaard, Dorte Marie (2007): Feministiske Tænkere. København: Hans Reitzels Forlag (179-207). 

D          Davies, B. 2000. (In)scribing Body/landscape Relations (pp. 1-277). Walnut Creek: Alta Mira Press.           

Da        Davies, B. 1996. Power/Knowledge/Desire: Changing School Organisation and Management Practices (pp. 1-259). Canberra: Department of Employment, Education and Youth Affairs.    

D          Davies, B. 1995. Gender bias in School Textbooks (pp. 1-95). London: Commonwealth Secretariat.     

Davi     Davies, B. 1994. Poststructuralist Theory and Classroom Practice (pp. 1-127). Geelong: Deakin University Press.

D          Davies, B. 1993. Shards of Glass. Children Reading and Writing Beyond Gendered Identities. Sydney (pp. 1-205). Sydney: Allen and Unwin. 2nd Edition (2003) NJ Cresskill: Hampton Press.        

D          Davies, B. 1989. Frogs and Snails and Feminist Tales. Preschool Children and Gender (pp. 1-152). Sydney: Allen and Unwin. 2nd Edition (2003) NJ Cresskill: Hampton Press.

                  Chapter 1 translated into Hindi (2010) vol 1 of the Gender and Education Reader Vol 1, Nirantar Trust, New Delhi, 2006-229.

                  Translated into Swedish by Christer Wallentin (2003), Hur flickor och pojkar gör kön. Stockholm, Liber (pp. 1-228).

                  Translated into German by Das Argument (1992): Frosche und Schlangen und Feministiche Marchen. Zeitschrift fur Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften (pp. 1-187).

                 Translated into Spanish by Ediciones Cátedra (1994): Sapos y culebras y Cuentos

                  feministas. Universitat de Valencia, Instituto de la Mujer (pp. 1-256)

                  Chapter 1 translated into Swedish by Tilda Maria Forselius, Bli pojke? Bli flicka? Locus. 3/97, 17-31.

                  Received the Outstanding Book Award from the American Education Association.

                  Reprinted in part in S. Scott & S. Jackson (Eds) Gender: A Reader. London, Routledge (2001)       .

           Davies, B. 1988. Gender, Equity and Early Childhood (pp. 1-42). Curriculum Development Centre: Canberra, Schools Commission.

           Davies, B. 2017 [1982]. Life in the Classroom and Playground. The Accounts of Primary School Children (pp. 1-206). London: Routledge and Kegan Paul. (Published in the Social Worlds of Childhood series, edited by Rom Harré).  


BO                          BOOKS Co-authored and co-edited

D         Davies, B. & Speedy, J. 2024. The Arts of Becoming in a More-than-Human World. New York: DIO Press Inc.

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