Gender in Japanese Pre-Schools

Gender in Japanese Pre-Schools

This is a study of preschool children and gender in Japan based on studies conducted in two preschool sites in Kushiro, a major city on the island of Hokkaido. Hiro and Bronwyn, along with three of Hiro’s students, Keigo, Chika and Harue, immersed themselves in two preschools in Kushiro, each for a period of one week of intensive observation and story reading. As well, Hiro and Bronwyn, along with Chika, Harue and several other Japanese students of early childhood, visited an Australian preschool for one week of observation. In this book we analyze our observations of the Japanese children at play, and we analyze in detail the children’s readings of two stories: The Paperbag Princess and Oliver Button is a Sissy.

Gender in Japanese Preschools was written by Bronwyn Davies and Hiroyuki Kasama and published in the U.S. by Hampton Press in 2003.

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23 April 2015


Children, Gender