A Body of Writing

A Body of Writing

Weaving together her most influential writings of the 1990s, Bronwyn Davies offers a unique engagement with poststructuralism that defies the boundaries between theory and embodied practice. Whereas poststructuralists are often accused of excessive abstraction, Davies' sophisticated and nuanced discussions of subjectivity, agency, epistemology, feminism, and power are embedded in vital depictions of life experience and empirical research. The papers gathered together here make poststructuralist concepts usable, providing a conceptual framework for interpreting and analyzing the social world. 

The papers include:

  • Coming to writing
  • The process of subjectification
  • The problem of desire
  • The concept of agency
  • Women's subjectivity and feminist stories
  • Positioning: the discursive production of selves (with Rom Harre)
  • Classroom competencies and marginal positionings (with Robyn Hunt)
  • The subject of poststructuralism
  • Poststructuralist theory in practice: working with "behaviourally disturbed" children
  • Epilogue: on mor(t)ality

A Body of Writing was published by AltaMira Press in 2000

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23 April 2015


Subjectivity, Positioning, Agency