Frogs, Snails and Feminist Tales

Frogs, Snails and Feminist Tales

This book analyzed preschool children's experience of becoming gendered drawing on poststructuralist theory. Based on observations of preschool children's play, and on their discussions about feminist stories read to them by the author, this book explores the way gender as a social category is made to matter in the everyday lives of children. 

This book has had a rather extraordinary life. Originally published in Australia by Allen and Unwin in 1989, it was put out in a second edition in 2003 by Hampton Press in the US. It received the Outstanding Book Award from the American Education Association, and when it was published in Swedish in 2003 as Hur flickor och pojkar gor kon, it led to Bronwyn being awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Uppsala University for her work in early childhood education. 

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23 April 2015


Children, Gender