New Lives in an Old Land

Re-turning to the Colonisation of New South Wales through Stories of my Parents and their Ancestors

New Lives in an old land is an extraordinary book of narrative scholarship in relation to the great global colonisation of the world in the eighteenth century. It traces the origins of the settler colonial establishment of Australia through the major historic events of the time, such as the Irish uprising, the American revolution and the fierce wars for land and culture in Scotland, that led to extreme poverty and displacement of large numbers of people. Through a delicately narrated family history Bronwyn Davies teases out the threads of complex networks of entanglement that produced the numerous lives through which she interprets the coming of settlers to the Australian colony. Not shying away from the horrendous impact on the Aboriginal custodians who had cared for the land for tens of thousands of years, or the brutal treatment of convicts on whose labour the settlement was built, the book looks unstintingly at the complex characters involved in this entanglement. In its forward-looking possibilities, it is essential reading for all Australians who struggle to comprehend the ethical, social and environmental challenges of this land. Margaret Somerville, Professor, Western Sydney University

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Deleuze and Collaborative Writing

An engagement with Gilles Deleuze and collaborative writing

How might we think of collaborative writing if we think with the concepts that Deleuze has generated? And, how might we begin to write, together, on what Deleuze would call an immanent plane of composition? On such a Deleuzian plane, or plateau, it was not appropriate to make Deleuze external to us, as if he were the authority who might inform us on the correct way forward. Instead we sought to make Deleuze one of us, and to open up, with him, a new stream of thought, and of being, in order to explore our topic of Deleuze and collaborative writing.

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Frogs and Snails and Feminist Tales. Preschool Children and Gender

Exploring the way gender as a social category is made to matter in the everyday lives of children.

This book analyzes preschool children's experience of becoming gendered drawing on poststructuralist theory. Based on observations of preschool children's play, and on their discussions about feminist stories read to them by the author, this book explores the way gender as a social category is made to matter in the everyday lives of children.

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Listening to Children. Being and Becoming

Towards emergent listening and to anticipating ethical questions in intra-actions with children.

"Professor Davies’ thinking and theorizing is one of a kind; she has based these new ideas on her well-established and distinctive earlier thinking about the subject and its connection to the world. Nevertheless she manages to ‘ascend’ to different levels each time she writes, and succeeds in ‘renewing’ herself and her thinking in each new book. I see this book as unique in its methodological approach."

Teija Rantala | University of Helsinki, Finland

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Life in the classroom and playground. The accounts of primary school children

Helping teachers to imagine how their words & actions impact on children's lives & capacity to learn

Written at the beginning of the 1980s, Bronwyn's first book asked children for their own accounts of what was going on in the classroom and playground. By looking at classrooms from the point of view of the children, instead of the teachers, it argues that teachers who can take children's perspectives into account will have a far greater chance of communicating their adult knowledge to the children in their classrooms.

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Doing Collective Biography

Towards a poststructural conception of the subject-in-relation, in-process

"The book describes how to set up collective biography workshops in which participants examine how discursive structures and power relations have both enabled and limited the conditions of possibility for their lived experience. Focusing on a more complicated reflexivity than is usually described in social science research, collective biography, inspired by Frigga Haugand refined by Davies, will no doubt be used increasingly by researchers interested in the production of subjects in a postmodern world."

Elizabeth St Pierre

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A Body of Writing 1990-1999

A unique engagement with poststructuralism that defies the boundaries between theory and embodied practice.

Whereas poststructuralists are often accused of excessive abstraction, Davies' sophisticated and nuanced discussions of subjectivity, agency, epistemology, feminism, and power are embedded in vital depictions of life experience and empirical research. The papers gathered together here make poststructuralist concepts usable, providing a conceptual framework for interpreting and analyzing the social world.

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Pedagogical Encounters

New ways of thinking about learning spaces as ethical, responsive, transformable spaces.

"A wholly absorbing work. It is bursting with fresh and exciting ideas that leap from the text into the classroom, and indeed, into daily life. The contributors draw inspiration from the work of Gilles Deleuze, but in their hands issues of relationality, art, indeterminacy, difference, and co-creation take on new significance. We see them brought to life in wide-ranging classroom practices and gain from these expositions a new compass for enriching educational practice."

Kenneth Gergen

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